Give to Breakthrough Cincinnati

Back in 2012, Cierra was a fifth grader at Dater Montessori. She wasn’t thrilled to give up her summer when her mom signed her up a program that just felt like more school. But when Cierra arrived at Breakthrough Cincinnati on the first day, she realized that something special was about to happen.

Her first clue was all the teachers outside singing and giving high fives when she walked in. She also noticed that, like her, the other kids were smart and liked school. The college-age teachers seemed to really “get” the students and make learning fun. Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all….

After six weeks, Cierra didn’t want summer to end. She made new friends and her confidence grew. In high school, Cierra performed poetry and was voted homecoming queen. Once when her teacher stepped out to attend to an urgent matter, Cierra decided she should teach the lesson so the class could keep learning. Her teacher wrote about that defining moment in Cierra’s yearbook, noting her leadership and poise.

Just a few weeks ago, on May 23, Cierra graduated from Walnut Hills High School. She’s going to Tennessee State University. Her mom is so proud. She says “Breakthrough gave my daughter confidence, permission to lead, and a connection to smart children that looked like her – she found her voice at Breakthrough.”

We hope you are proud too because, in part, you made this possible. Cierra’s mom understands that it takes a lot of generosity to make Breakthrough Cincinnati a reality. She is now a donor too.

The enclosed report is a tribute to your generosity. As you review the report, and think about helping a young student like Cierra, please consider a gift this summer. $150 will cover the cost of all meals for one student or $500 will provide a student’s transportation. We invite you to one of our Open Houses noted on back cover of the report to experience the safe haven and aspirational community that you have helped create at Breakthrough Cincinnati.


Julie Witten
Executive Director