Kids Take FLIGHT!

In 2013 Alejandro, a sophomore English major at the University of Dayton, came to Breakthrough Cincinnati to explore his interest in teaching. “I was nervous, but someone told me that it’s our job is to be the goofiest person so that the students feel comfortable being themselves.”

In his class was Kai, a shy seventh-grader. She “liked learning but hadn’t had an experience that made me love learning.” Until Alejandro’s class. She says, he was “one of the people who encouraged me most.”

Alejandro grew as a novice educator because of students like Kai. Kai got ahead in school and came out of her shell because Teaching Fellows like Alejandro made it “cool to be smart.” Because of Breakthrough Cincinnati, Alejandro and Kai soared.

Alejandro recently reflected on Kai’s growth. He said, “the transformation I saw in you in ninth grade; I felt you were a more authentic version of yourself.” Kai remembers, “yeah, that was a turning point. I started raising my hand more and attempted to talk to people and be more social. It paid off.”

And just like that, they flew. Alejandro is finishing his Ph.D. at Miami University, and Kai just graduated from Walnut Hills High School.

At Breakthrough Cincinnati, kids take flight. Will you help us soar even higher in 2020?


Julie Witten
Executive Director