What do you want to do with your summer?

Spend your summer inspiring and leading young people as a part of Breakthrough Cincinnati’s fun and dedicated team. You can impact the success of middle school students while you explore your own future career opportunities. Learn more about Breakthrough Cincinnati’s “students teaching students” model here.


Each summer, Breakthrough Cincinnati will hire 80 creative, heard-working, and inspired individuals to join our team. The positions are seasonal, with a nine or ten-week commitment during the summer. The positions are ideal for high school and college students and early career educators looking for a professional development experience. Lots of training and support are provided to make sure that you are successful and have a positive experience. There are three types of positions open each summer.

  • Teaching Fellows are high school or college students wishing to explore teaching as a future career path or to have meaningful impact with youth.

  • Instructional Coaches are current practicing classroom teachers looking to develop their mentoring and leadership skills.

  • Administrative Team members are early career educators, current practicing teachers, or graduate students with a desire to expand their leadership skills.


Breakthrough Cincinnati simply “becomes a part of you” and the benefits are endless. You will:

  • Cultivate the professional skills that will set you apart from the rest.

  • Experience a sense of belonging that has you thinking “these are my people.”

  • Be responsible for the life-changing learning that takes place, setting students on a path to success.

  • Draw out your inner leader as you oversee special projects and make key program decisions.

  • Work with a diverse team of people who care as much as you do about making a difference for youth.


Teaching Fellows make a nine-week commitment to the program, which consists of two weeks of training, six weeks of teaching, and one week of wrap-up. Instructional Coaches and members of the Administrative Team make a ten-week commitment to the program, which includes an additional week of planning prior to the commitment outlined above.

Teaching Fellows will:

  • Create lesson plans for one core course (i.e., math, science, history, or English language arts) and an academic elective (e.g., foreign language, dance, art).

  • Lead your own classroom.

  • Learn and practice classroom management and instructional strategies and receive feedback from professional teachers.

  • Work on a team to plan and lead special events.

Instructional Coaches will:

  • Specialize in one core academic subject such as math, science, history, or English language arts.

  • Develop mentoring skills by inspiring, motivating, and supporting aspiring educators.

  • Coordinate the implementation of curriculum and assessment for middle school-aged students.

Administrative Team members will:

  • Lead  professional development workshops, communicate with families, maintain a healthy academic and work environment, and manage operations within the program.

  • Provide insight, support, and motivation to the team of Teaching Fellows.

  • Plan special events and field trips that bring the community together and expose students to new opportunties.

Time Commitment

The time commitment is ten weeks from approximately the second week in June through the first week in August. Check back in December for information on how to join the 2020 team.

For more information about joining the 2020 team, email Elana Elmore, Program Director, at elana@breakthroughcincinnati.org