P.G.'s Story


“One of the most meaningful learning experiences I’ve ever had.” That’s how P.G. Sittenfeld summed up his recollections of his time as a Breakthrough Cincinnati Teaching Fellow. P.G. taught literature and debate during the summers of 2001 and 2002. He has continued to support the organization, serving as a member of the Board of Trustees from 2011 through 2017.

At his last Board meeting, P.G. shared with the other Trustees his reflections on Breakthrough Cincinnati’s work.  “The quality of the program has only increased since my time in the program,” P.G. recalls. “When I dropped in on classes during summer program Visiting Days last year, I’d marvel at how exceptional the Teaching Fellows were.  And to see how the students were so excited to learn, it reinforced to me how important Breakthrough Cincinnati is to this community.”

P.G. currently serves on the Cincinnati City Council.  First elected in 2011, when at age 27 he became the youngest person even elected to Council, P.G. is passionate about education, community development, economic empowerment (and cheese coneys!). “While I chose public service rather than a career in teaching, my time working at Breakthrough taught me so much about servant leadership. Lessons about listening, helping others, and making a difference in big and small ways which I’ve tried to put into practice ever since.”

P.G. continued: “Breakthrough taught me what it meant to have other people really depending on me. If I did anything less than show up prepared and ready to inspire my students, I would be letting them down. That was both an awesome and daunting responsibility. The truth is, I think I learned and grew from my BTC experience even more than my students did.”