Laine's Story


Laine Kolesar credits her time at Breakthrough Cincinnati with shaping her career path into education. “I am really moved by the way that students and families interact with the education system. It can either lift them up or get them down.” Laine is no-nonsense when she talks about the optimal circumstances for students to learn, she says “where there are teachers that students can trust, and who challenge them academically and personally, students will thrive.”

Laine notices a big difference in the culture that Breakthrough Cincinnati creates, “there’s a certain freedom felt by the teachers and the students to learn together, but it’s that same freedom that challenges everyone to be their best.” She described working for two summers and then taking a summer off from Breakthrough. “I missed my students so much! I had to come back in 2015 to be with them for their last year. They grew so much and I was so proud of them.” When asked about how she grew over those summers, she paused and thought for a moment, then said “I was pushed to my limits, in a good way. Breakthrough Cincinnati is the best, most supportive, community that I have ever been a part of. “


Julie Witten