Jelecia's Story


“Breakthrough Cincinnati has impacted my daughter Naima tremendously.  Not only has her participation in the program boosted her personal confidence, each summer she has been able to enter school feeling beyond prepared for the upcoming school year.”

“In addition to the academic boost, Naima has been able to form some wonderful friendships with students and the staff.  The staff at Breakthrough have done an amazing job building a positive and meaningful relationship with Naima over the last few years.”

“Every summer she looks forward to attending, this year she is especially excited to return as a 9th grader. Just the other day she asked me if she looked bigger.  I asked her what she meant by that and she shared with me that with this being her last summer of breakthrough she can remember her first year and how BIG the 9th graders looked.  She said, I wonder what the 6th graders will think about the 9th graders this year. She is really going to miss Breakthrough.”

Just this morning on the way to school we were singing the good morning and goodbye songs they sing everyday upon arrival and departure. It brought a tear to me eye to think how excited she is for the summer to start. Clearly Breakthrough has touch our family and will be an experience that Naima will never forget.

“When Naima started Breakthrough our family was in the middle of a tremendous event that changed our lives forever. This was extremely difficult for Naima.  Breakthrough Cincinnati was the consistent happy thought for her. The staff was very responsive and spent extra time and care when Naima had rough days. As a mom, I am forever grateful that she had a team of supporters that were there for her.”

“I just want you to know that whatever you are doing with the teams as it relates to training, coaching and support; keep it up.  They are an amazing group of young people that are passionate about the work they do with the students.”

Julie Witten