Dan's Story


When asked about his time working at Summerbridge, later known as Breakthrough Cincinnati, Dan Kalubi simply said “for me, that learning experience is unparalleled.” He’s talking about being a young man, placed in a role of tremendous responsibility, and being counted on. He reflects that Teaching Fellows are provided guidelines and support, but are also given a lot of room to bring in their own ingenuity. He recalls the difference that being close in age to the students made, “they trusted us, they knew we were learning too, and it was a really powerful mix.”

Dan also reflects on the responsibility that the “students teaching students” model had for him as a black man. “I don’t know how many of those kids had a black male teacher and I felt that responsibility to be there for them. I was able to be a good example for these students. I saw myself as being there to help them think about their future” Dan continues to be a leader in this community in his work for the City of Cincinnati and as a Sunday School teacher in his church. “I may not have become a teacher, but not a day goes by that I don’t put into practice some of the leadership skills I learned at Summerbridge.”

Julie Witten