Breakthrough Cincinnati transforms lives

Breakthrough Cincinnati transforms the lives of young people through a one-of-a-kind summer learning experience. The six-week summer academic enrichment program gives rising 6th through 9th grade students a boost through meaningful academic, leadership and college-preparatory experiences. Instead of losing valuable ground at school and navigating the temptations of an unstructured summer,students experience the program's “it’s cool to be smart” culture.

Breakthrough Cincinnati students are motivated

Breakthrough Cincinnati students are selected during an application process each February and March. Fifth grade students may apply to participate in the four-year program. Students are selected because for their motivation and desire to succeed academically and personally. They present a blend of characteristics that demonstrate positive academic progress, multiple risk factors, and a desire to grow and succeed. 

Breakthrough Cincinnati is all about students teaching students

Alongside their like-minded and motivated peers, Breakthrough Cincinnati students learn from college-age Teaching Fellows who really “get them” and make learning fun. Students describe the program as “lit”, which translated into adult-speak means it’s “really fun.” With that high praise from a rather finicky age group, no wonder over 90% of students return each year. Breakthrough Cincinnati illuminates the path to educational success and solidifies the student's successful journey through high school, into college and on to self-sufficient careers. It’s summer school with a heart and soul.

How can you get involved?

Check back in February of 2019 for the application.